Modern Fronts, Made-to-order Cabinet Doors

Modern cabinet door fronts and components, made to order, perfectly sized, individually labeled and ready to hang.


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Modern Fronts, Made-to-order Cabinet Doors

Modern cabinet door fronts and components, made to order, perfectly sized, individually labeled and ready to hang.


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Modern Fronts, Made-to-order Cabinet Doors

Modern cabinet door fronts and components, made to order, perfectly sized, individually labeled and ready to hang.


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Modern Fronts, Made-to-order Cabinet Doors

Modern cabinet door fronts and components, made to order, perfectly sized, individually labeled and ready to hang.


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At Modern Fronts we are committed to partnering with you, giving you a dedicated specialist who will be there for you throughout the process and working together to deliver the quality products your customers rely on you for.

Modern Fronts — We’ve got your back!

Craftsmen partnering with craftsmen.

We are Kenneth and Paige Allender, the founders of Modern Fronts.

As a 3rd generation, high-end custom cabinet shop, we understand the daily challenges facing cabinet and closet makers. We know too well the 3- hour marathon design meetings with interior designers and homeowners. We understand the squeeze to hit target budgets and exceed ever-growing client expectations.

Over the years we have made our own cabinet fronts and when it made sense for throughput, partnered with over a dozen door and drawer vendors.

We know firsthand what genuine partnering looks like and unfortunately too often what mere “order taking” or “transactional” outsourcing looks like as well.

Our promises to you…

  • We will prove that we should be your go-to modern door fronts vendor.
  • We will help you be more profitable – by increasing your throughput.
  • We will keep you up to date on the most modern finishes and styles.
  • We will produce the highest quality modern fronts in the industry.
  • We will always be a valued partner, not just an order taker.
  • We will build trusted relationships with you through our Modern Fronts dedicated Specialists.
  • We will be relentlessly focused on “On time” shipping and keeping you informed.
Custom craftsman partners
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Our Process

Our Products

Ultra-X with Senosan®

Ultra-X panels are manufactured in the US by Ultrapan with Senosan® Acrylic

Ultra-X Gloss

Our Ultra-X Gloss with Senosan acrylic approaches a mirror-like reflectiveness. The scratch and chemical resistance is infinitely superior compared to other high-gloss surfaces available.


Ultra-X Matte

Ultra-X Matte with Senosan acrylic is highly resistant to fingerprints. Ultra-X Matte is scratch and abrasion resistance is significantly higher than with standard matte surfaces.


Zero Joint

Premium European ABS tape with precise edge and end rounding.

Ultrapan Ultra-Gloss and Ultra-Matte

Ultrapan panels are manufactured in the US and with Hard Coated PET for high scratch resistance and UV protection


Ultra-Gloss finishes are rich in color with high gloss reflection and also provide exceptional durability.


Ultra-Matte provides a smooth soft-touch surface that is highly resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

Zero Joint

Premium European ABS tape with precise edge and end rounding.

TFL Modern Slabs

Thermally Fused Laminate doors made from eco-friendly, recycled materials that look just like real wood.


Incredibly realistic wood feel. The woodgrain pattern of the grain amazingly flows through the TFL texture. Egger is an Austrian manufacturer with a new state-of-the-art facility in North Carolina.


Wonderful TFL offerings with great realistic wood textures. Stevens-Wood is made in the USA (Illinois).

5 Piece Shaker

Limited Colors available in Shaker 5 Piece TFL

Modern Fronts Edgebanding

Compare Modern Fronts precision application to the competition

Modern Fronts Edgebanding
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Modern Door Fronts – Made to Order – Made Easy

Premium European Materials
Input Metric or Imperial Sizing
No Finishing Required
Dedicated Modern Fronts Specialist
Custom labels to easily identify individual cabinet doors
Ready to go out of the box

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Modern Fronts cost?

As you can imagine, pricing varies by what your client needs. We only offer premium-grade materials to ensure our mutual success. The best way to learn more is to set an online meeting with one of our Modern Fronts Specialists. We are committed to being competitive in price for a 2-sided Senosan® with Laser Edgebanding acrylic front.

Can I set up an account without speaking to a Modern Fronts Specialist?

Yes, you can set up an account without a meeting and use our portal. We encourage a brief meeting to understand your needs so that we can bring the added value and services you need to your business.

How do I get samples of your products?

Once you have created an account, you can order samples. We create quality samples of the doors and colors you can expect. We will charge a sample fee that will be deducted when you place your order.

What is your lead time?
We ship in 15 business days.
Do the cabinet fronts arrive ready to install?

Yes, they arrive with a protective peel coat, ready to hinge and place on your cabinets. No finishing or polishing of the fronts is required.

How do I learn more about Modern Fronts?

We will then be able to answer your specific questions and provide more professional advice about all things modern. Unique to Modern Fronts, when you set up an account, you will be assigned a Modern Fronts Specialist who will partner with you. You can directly call, text, or email when you have questions. We’ve got your back.

Do you use Laser Edgebanding?

We are always seeking a Zero Joint appearance and each modern material has distinct properties.

We can use both Laser Edgebanding and European ABS edgebanding to achieve the best possible results.

We employ - Italian, German and Austrian Technology to Zero Joint appearance with precise edge and end rounding.

We encourage you to evaluate a Free Sample for yourself.

Is your material 1-sided or 2-sided?

Modern Fronts exclusively uses only 2-sided material. The same material will be on both the front as the back of the panel creating a balanced panel. We believe this is the best way to create a premium product and ensure a balanced panel to lessen the chance of warpage.

What is the difference between Ultra-Gloss/Ultra-Matte and Ultra-X Gloss/Matte?

  • Both panels are manufactured in the US with CARB2 MDF substrate and PUR
  • The performance of the two materials is comparable
  • Both have excellent scratch resistance, UV protection, and chemical resistance
  • Viewing the materials side by side, it is virtually impossible to discern a difference
  • Ultra-Gloss/Matte is made with PET, which has cost savings compared to acrylic
  • Ultra-Gloss/Matte has Zero Glue Line Technology applied ABS edgebanding
  • Ultra-X Gloss/Matte is made with acrylic Senosan® from Austria
  • Ultra-X Gloss/Matte has Laser edgebanding
  • Ultra-X Gloss has the best mirror-like reflection quality on the market today

Do gloss or matte surfaces scratch easily?
No, not with normal use on a cabinet front. Both Ultra-Gloss/Ultra-Matte and Ultra-X Gloss/Matte have a protective Hard Coat and are highly scratch resistant.

In our experience, it is best to treat all Modern Fronts gloss/matte fronts with as much care as any finished cabinet front. Anything which would deeply scratch gloss or matte materials would also deeply scratch any painted or stained finished wood.

Please see the video of the steel wool on Senosan® which is used in our Ultra-X Gloss Senosan AM1800TopX EN

Is a special polish or cleaner needed for the gloss/matte surfaces?

No polish is needed for any Modern Fronts gloss or matte surfaces.

How do I clean Modern Fronts Gloss/Matte surfaces?
To clean, first, start by wiping with a damp cotton cloth.

If needed, next add warm water and a small amount of mild grease-cutting detergent.

Finally, rinse and dry with a microfiber cloth. No buffing is needed.

All Modern Fronts Gloss/Matte surfaces are highly chemical resistant, but there should be no need to clean with more harsh cleaning products.

Since paper towels are insidiously “rough,” they generally should be avoided on any cabinet surface and a soft microfiber towel used instead.

Are the Matte Finishes scratch resistant?
Yes both Ultra-Matte and Ultra-X Matte are highly resistant to scratching and have anti-fingerprint properties.

Please see the video showing the Anti-Fingerprint properties of Senosan® used in our Ultra-X Matte.

Do you make 5-piece TFL doors?
YES, we make 5-Piece TFL SHAKER doors. The stiles and rails are 3”. Please see our ordering portal for available colors.

We encourage you to discuss specific brands/colors with your Modern Fronts Specialist.

What is the warranty of a Modern Fronts front?

One Year for workmanship.

What is UV lacquer gloss material?
Modern Fronts does NOT offer this product.

UV lacquer is the least expensive way to achieve a gloss-like finish on cabinetry. UV lacquer materials are primarily manufactured in Spain. UV lacquer is created by spraying paint onto MDF, then placing a UV-cured coating over the top of the paint. Think pre-finished UV Plywood and UV lacquer is a close approximation.

  • UV lacquer is generally not viewed as a premium product suitable for high-end custom cabinetry by architects and interior designers
  • UV lacquer is not nearly as reflective by comparison to PET or Acrylic
  • UV lacquer has a consistent “Orange Peel” or wavy appearance
  • Even though UV is the in the name, it is the least UV (ultraviolet light) stable, meaning it changes colors/shifts/fades more easily with exposure to light.

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Finally, modern doors made easy.

Now you can offer your clients premium cabinet fronts in acrylic and TFL without sacrificing the quality and precision you’re known for.

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